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Anonymous asked:
so on your post about blacklisting the letter 'e'... I guess you could say you were... missing e.


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klaine challenge: favorite reference to their sex life

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au where kurt and blaine meet at comic con, kurt cosplaying captain america and blaine freaking out over him plus sam being the embarrassing best friend~!

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mom brought home her work PC and it’s so fucking slow

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hrhchriscolfer: Love at first flight. #TBT #TLOS3 #MotherGoose #StorylandFresno

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Chris Colfer and his adorkable dance moves. (season 5)

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Anonymous asked:
why on earth was she on a ferry and how can you just find a book on the kamasutra ?

She takes the ferry to work most days because parking in San Francisco is absolute hell and her office is right near the ferry building so it’s perf

and to be fair it wasn’t really a book on the kama sutra just on sexual culture and famous books that go with it, it was about modern sexuality it just included a huge part on the kama sutra omg I will know more when she brings it home

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I was just on the phone with my mom whilst she was a work and we were talking about a Kama Sutra book she found on the ferry that morning (???) when suddenly she started talking to me about hedgefunds and I was like whaT!?

then I realized that one of her coworkers had just walked in and I started laughing so hard she said “get back to me on that” and hung up on me

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you’re really cute and its ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time

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