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I’ve been banned from my own living room because Ciara and Bene are ~scheming~ and preparing shit for my party tonight

rude tbh

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don’t they get together in the end?

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This just in; mashed potatoes and pure coffee are not a good food combo

"I mean, sex isn’t the be-all, end-all."

"I mean, sex isn’t the be-all, end-all."

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So Bene and I were just kind of feeling the pain that comes with straddling each others’ backs for a few hours (as you do) to draw and complaining about how we were old

and we joked that next time we would stretch beforehand

and then Bene said “Hey what are you doing? Oh, you know, just training for calligraphy”

Bene is writing on my back with liquid eyeliner wbu

"Athens, shirts. Sparta, skin."

"Guess, I’ll be the Spartan."

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In high school I did everything I could not to take my shirt off in front of other people. Like, I don’t think I showered once after gym class. Now though, thanks to a little more working out, a little more protein, my outside-self is catching up to my inside-self. And I feel pretty comfortable in my skin. And that feels good.

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As actors our bodies are our instruments.

And my instrument is getting a little out of tune?

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